Real Estate Strategist Approvals Urban and Town
Planning work with their clients to facilitate their
council approval process

We produce quality planning, bush fire, flood and heritage reports for smaller scale
developments to save you time, effort and cost.

Our excellent customer service and communication skills as well as the ability to work a wide
range of consultants and development and government authorities

Development Compliance Consultants

We liaise with owners, developers, contractors, builders, town planners with respect to current or
projected land use inconsistencies within the planning scheme and provide quality direction for
future compliance under the provisions outlined in the local planning scheme and the
Sustainable Planning Act.

In addition, we assist clients solve issues with enforcement actions in regards to relevant
planning schemes, local laws and subordinate council laws and show cause notices,
enforcement notices, direction compliance notices and council infringement notices.

Real Estate Strategist Approvals consultants are qualified in building design with extensive
development assessment experience to offer knowledge of local legislation and compliance

Our understanding of building and design construction assists us to provide you with essential
technical advice and interpretation of relevant policies so we can assess industry reports and
technical drawings to determine the compliance of residential, retail and small-scale commercial
construction works.

We utilise our strong legislative knowledge and planning skills in both urban and rural projects to
provide strategic land use and planning advice, review of structure plans, council policies and
planning scheme amendments.

Senior Strategic Planners

Real Estate Strategist Approvals has been involved in a range of projects, varying in scale and
complexity, from small precinct scale rezoning through to planning scheme amendments for the
implementation of large structure plans We have experience in preparing reports, preparing
council submissions to turn your vision into reality by identifying and preparing your council

Statutory Planner

Our statutory planning experience will ensure we effectively formulate and administer planning
controls through assessing a range of development applications.

Real Estate Strategist Approvals Planning Consultancy is leading the way in planning in NSW.
Specialising in planning, urban design and project management of metro and regional projects,
we ensure your property development outcomes and projects are delivered on time. Preparing
proposals for the delivery of high quality planning projects, we liaise, on behalf of our clients, with
government agencies, sub-consultants and contractors to prepare detailed land use reports,
surveys, architectural and engineering drawings and council applications.

Our experience in the NSW planning industry includes local government and private consultancy
experience with a diverse project development history. We use our excellent communication and
analytical skills and knowledge of NSW local planning schemes to ensure your development
project proceeds as smoothly and speedily as possible. This means less cost, time and
confusion for you so your project can be completed as smoothly, efficiently and easily as

City of Sydney planning Approvals
BASIX targets require new home and apartment builders to
meet water and energy saving standards – like the
installation of rainwater tanks and water-saving shower-
heads, solar power or energy efficient air-conditioning and
window glazing.
What Is Planning and Development?

Land use and property development within New South wales is managed through a hierarchy of
state and local strategies, plans and policies. In fact, state planning law provides the legislative
framework for all state and local government development controls.

State Government and Council development controls seek to address environmental, social and
economic issues.  As there is not one simple document that defines the development controls
that apply to any specific parcel of land, increasingly making the council approval complex.

This means that getting the correct council approval is essential to your project starting on time,
completing smoothly and staying on budget. So having the right knowledge to ensure the
regulatory requirements are fulfilled and understood are essential skills to ensuring your project
completes with minimum disruption.

Getting applications through Council and other Consent Authorities can be challenging, costly
and time consuming. Real Estate Strategist has the experience and skill in working with Local
Councils across NSW to understand the necessary documentation and obtain the required
reports and to lodge an application for approval.

Failure to apply for the correct approval or consent or misunderstanding regulations and Council
conditions will often delay development projects. Real Estate Strategist understand Council
requirements and have proven success in navigating both simple and complex applications
through to approval.

How Can Real Estate Strategist Help My Development

Skilled at identifying appropriate strategies, Real Estate Strategist Approvals will work with you to
minimise delays to achieve positive outcomes. We work from start to end to obtain results,
keeping you updated and fully informed throughout the entire approval process.

You can be confident that by appointing Real Estate Strategist Approvals to assist you with your
council approvals, your applications process will benefit from strong coordination skills,
extensive regulatory, planning and Council application experience and focused research

Contact us now to find out how we can get your council approval process started!
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