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The NSW planning system, known as the State Exempt & Complying Codes or
(“Codes SEPP”- NSW State Environmental Planning Policy 2008) is basically a set of rules
established by the State Govt to facilitate faster development consent for those projects
which fit within the code’s guidelines, for example, building height, FSR, flood zones,
setbacks etc.

Under this NSW planning system, there are generally 3 pathways for development:

1.        Exempt development for minor works, where no application is required, however,
building standards must be met, ie. BCA: Building Codes of Australia (incl garden sheds,
car ports)

2.        Complying Development for works which meet certain pre-determined development
standards and can be approved by a PCA in 10 days.

3.         Submission of a DA to your local council for a merit-based assessment

CDC can be less costly if applicable to your project because less docs/reports may be
required since the proposed development must meet certain pre-determined criteria which
also saves you time.
Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings & Swimming Pools
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