Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings, Granny Flats & Swimming Pools
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Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates and BASIX plans
Private Certifiers

Get your planning approvals in as little as 10 business days with our Private Certifier
Service. If your development meets the guidelines, our certifier can issue your Complying
Development Certificates and Construction Certificates.

Complying development is development that is considered to be predictable in
its environmental impact and therefore, of minor consequence.

Before building or subdivision work starts, you need a construction certificate or complying
development certificate. This means you must engage a principal certifying authority (PCA)
before work starts. Your PCA must inspect the work in person and must carry out the final
inspection to issue an occupation certificate.

Can I Choose My Certifier?
As the person with the benefit of development consent, it’s your choice who you engage as
a certifier.

Private Certifiers have the capacity to approve Construction Certificates and
Complying Development Certificates for your building project.

The NSW Government introduced a number of State-wide Planning Policies to facilitate
certain types of development without requiring consent from a Council. This was an
incentive to make the development approval process consistent throughout the state less
confusing, cheaper and faster to obtain development approval.

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