~ The privacy of personal information that you provide to Real Estate Strategist
Approvals, council and building approvals, is important to us. The following privacy policy
governs the collection and use of your personal information by us.

We may collect personal information from you to enable us to process your council and
private certifier building approvals applications. The types of information we may collect
include your name, address,  telephone number, email and project details.

Privacy Statement
To ensure the best possible client experience, Real Estate Strategist Approvals is
committed to the highest level of personal data security.

Real Estate Strategist Approvals website is constantly scanned and validated to meet the
security standards.

All internal security standards, policies and practices are frequently reviewed and
improved based on the most current security practices, ensuring constant, user

Security Tips To Protect Your Information
Never share your personal information with anyone
~ Be cautious about using a public computer. Ensure you sign off from the public
computer before you leave.

Your Personal E-Mail Security
Install anti-virus and firewall software on your computer to protect yourself from
phishing scams and viruses.
~  We will never initiate the request for your sensitive account information, such as your
credit card details.
~ If you contact Real Estate Strategist Approvals, we may verify your identity by asking for
non-critical information, such as your name or property address.
~ If you've received a suspicious e-mail that appears to have come from Real Estate
Strategist please contact us to report.

On the Phone
Client service may validate a caller by asking information, such as project address or
other information.
~ Under no circumstance will Real Estate Strategist Approvals, including sales and client
services, store your credit card number or personal banking details.

Modification and Notification of New Changes
Real Estate Strategist Approvals may, at our sole discretion, edit this Security Policy.
Notice of all changes to the Security Policy will be provided as specified in Real Estate
Strategist Terms of Service.

We respect your privacy and will never sell your details.
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