Plans And Drafting Services

Need detailed and accurate architectural drawings, site surveys, building reports and floor
plans to submit your Building Application into council? As a one stop shop for council
approvals, Real Estate Strategist will arrange all your necessary documents and
consultants reports, including Water Board Approval, Hydraulics, Storm Water and Bushfire
Attack Level (BAL) Assessment, Structural Engineering, NatHERS, BASIX and Energy
Efficiency and Surveyors.

We give free quotes for all your drafting and document preparation requirements so your
proposal stays on budget and on track for your complete peace of mind.

The Complying Development Consultants at Real Estate Strategist understand the
requirements of local councils and BCA which means we can work closely with you to
ensure your documents meet council standards. Find out why we are fast becoming the
preferred provider of Architectural Drafting and Council Approval services.

Real Estate Strategist specialises in professional quality drafting services and consultant
reporting including:

 Site Surveys
 Architectural Drawings
 Development Approvals, Construction Certificates
 Complying and Exempt Development, Private Certifiers
 Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations and Room Layouts
 Structural Engineering Certifications
 Landscaping Plans and Arborist Assessment
 Electrical Layouts and Engineering Diagrams
 BASIX & Nathers Certification
 Heritage Reports and Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment
 Waste Management Plans, Statement of Environmental Effects
 Structural Adequacy Reports
 Flood Reports, Acoustics
 Geotechnical Engineering Compliance
 Soil assessment for acid sulphate soils or landslip issues
Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings, Granny Flats & Swimming Pools
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