Investing In Residential Property

You know you can enjoy great returns as a property investor?  Of course,
knowing how to achieve your financial goals takes a great deal of time, industry
insight and knowledge. You may also need to meet strict regulatory guidelines,
making property investment seem complex.

Property can be a highly lucrative investment opportunity using the correct investment
strategies. This means selecting the best residential property with the correct investment
and development strategy in place, is paramount to maximise your financial rewards
helping you to achieve your financial aspirations, sooner.  

Successful property investment is about buying the right property at the right price. RES
Building Approvals takes the emotion out of the investment equation.

RES's analytical approach to gaining consent for investment property for development
includes fundamental criteria, such as understanding the property regulatory environment,
property site analysis, local environmental plans, development control plans and other
relevant evaluation issues.

Why Choose Real Estate Strategist For Your Property Development?
Our clients include first time investment property buyers, highly experienced investors who
currently own large property portfolios, overseas investors, Self-Managed Super Funds
and private businesses.

So, whether it’s your first investment property for which you wish to gain develop approval
or you have an existing site, we work in partnership with you to determine the right
planning approvals strategy, fast.

Our market insights and data will guide you on long-term, well performing locations, high
growth areas and type of asset and features to consider in order to identify a short-list of
suitable properties for purchase that may best meet your investment goals.

RES strategically inspects and assesses all aspects of the selected property, relevant
planning codes and legislation to ensure any issues that are revealed so that you are fully
informed of every opportunity and disadvantage to assist you make your decision with

Advocating your property planning interests, sourcing and securing documentation for the
best possible outcome helps ensure solid investment potential to save you stress is our
number one priority.
Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings, Granny Flats & Swimming Pools, Town & Urban Planning
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