Need A Heritage Report For Your Building Approval?

RES Council Approvals offer heritage consultation, urban and environmental planning
assessment, preparation of Heritage Impact Statements and submissions to the Heritage
Council for the maintenance and preservation of architectural heritage items on behalf
of our clients.

We have extensive experience in dealing with heritage matters. Our specialist Heritage
Consultants understand Sydney Council's & the Heritage Office’s heritage requirements,
including the increasingly complex Heritage issues that can arise during the
Development Application process, as well as at various stages of the project. This
means we work to solve your heritage issues as speedily and efficiently to get your
development approved for you.

RES Council Approvals offer you the following Heritage services:

Preparation of your Heritage Impact Statement or Statement of Significance. If
your proposed development is within or would impact a heritage item, either visually or
physically, or within a heritage conservation area, a Heritage Impact Statement is
required as part of the development application documentation.  The HIS report includes
a heritage assessment,  description of the heritage significance of the area and property
and its history, how the proposed development affects or does not affect that
significance and any management measures if required to mitigate possible negative
impacts to that significance.

Preparation of
Conservation Management Plans which outline standard protocols as
to how heritage items or heritage conservation areas should be conserved and
maintained. We provide Conservation Management Plans as part of your development
application for heritage items and heritage conservation areas in their LGA if required by
your local council.

To get started immediately, let us know the site address, more information about your
proposed development and your contact details, so we can provide you with everything
you need to get your project underway as soon as possible.
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