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What Is A Heritage Impact Statement?

A Statement of Heritage Impact report provides heritage assessment by describing the
heritage significance of your site and its history. A heritage report is intended to
convey how your proposed development may impact a heritage item and the
management measures you propose in order to mitigate negative impacts to that

This means an informed decision can be made whether to allow your proposed
development to proceed.

We offer heritage consultation, urban and environmental planning assessment,
preparation of Heritage Impact Statements and submissions to the Heritage Council for
the maintenance and preservation of architectural heritage items on behalf of our

Do I Need A Heritage Report For My Building Works?

Generally, development approval must be gained from the NSW Heritage Council if you
are planning to make any changes to a heritage place listed on the State Heritage
Register or if covered by an interim heritage order.

In some locations, you may require NSW Heritage Council approval to excavate land in
where archaeological relics may be at risk of disturbance.

RES Council and Private Certifiers handle the whole Heritage Council application
process for you to the  to save you money, stress and time. We work hard to ensure
your Integrated Development Application is processed as smoothly and speedily as
possible. We keep you fully informed the whole way through for your complete peace
of mind!

Do I Need To Get Heritage Approval To Excavate My Property?

If the works are only minor in nature and will have minimal impact on the heritage
significance of the place, they may be exempted from the requirement to submit an
application to the NSW Heritage Council.

An application to the Heritage Council may be required if you are going to disturb or
excavate any land in NSW that is likely to contain archaeological remains. There are
two types of applications, depending on whether the site is listed on the State Heritage
Register. RES Council Approvals and Private Certifiers are experienced with the
application NSW Heritage Council process to gain development consent for our clients.

You may need to apply to the Heritage Council to vary an endorsed excavation permit.
Reasons for variations can include, change in scope of works or change of applicant.

RES Council Approvals and Private Certifiers are experienced at preparing and
lodging Archaeological Applications to the NSW Heritage Council.

In some circumstances an excavation permit may not be required when excavating land
in NSW. Usually this is where works are only minor in nature or will have minimal impact
on the heritage significance of the place. We lodge all the application forms,
supporting documentation and heritage reports on your behalf to make the whole
approvals process stress-free for you!

Did you know that Section 146 of the Heritage Act requires any person who believes
they have discovered or located a relic, in any circumstances, to notify the Heritage

RES Council Approvals and Private Certifiers can process all required notifications to
the Heritage Council regarding the discovery of relics on your behalf.
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