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Need Council Approval For Your Granny Flat?

RES Council Approvals specialise in gaining council consent for granny flats and any
associated works on your behalf. Backed by our strong team of experienced,
professional consultants and technical assistants, we act as your single, one-stop
solution for all planning approvals, council permits and private certifier services.

This means we save you time, money, frustration and all the running around when
dealing with regulatory authorities so you can focus on doing the things you enjoy!

What Is The Development Consent Process For Granny Flats and
Secondary Dwellings?

A granny flat, or secondary dwelling, is a fully self-contained building attached or
separate to an individual home. Your local Council or an accredited private certifier
can grant development consent for your granny flat as complying development
provided it meets the specific development criteria, as specified under the NSW State
Environmental Planning Policy.

How Do I Get Approval For My Granny Flat?

Applications for building approval for a secondary dwelling or granny flat can be made
in two ways.

1. RES Planning Approvals can assist you gain development consent through an
accredited certifier if your proposed granny flat meets the development standards in
the NSW State policy.

2. RES Planning Approvals can submit a development application to your local Council
on your behalf. A development application is necessary if your proposed granny flat
does not meet the development standards under the NSW State Environmental
Planning Policy.

Why Choose RES Planning Approvals For Your Secondary Dwelling
Building Approval?

RES Planning Approvals work to guide you through the entire building approval
process by preparing and lodging all architectural and hydraulics plans, reports, Basix,
surveys and submission documents, obtaining permits and providing regular progress
updates, keeping in constant touch with you and informing you about any changes to
the regulatory process.

What Are The Guidelines For Development Approval For Secondary

To gain consent for your granny flat as complying development it must be:

1. Established in conjunction with another dwelling, known as the principal dwelling.
2. On the same lot of land as the principal dwelling and not an individual lot in a strata
plan or community title scheme
3. May be within, attached to, or separate from the principal dwelling.

What Are The Expected Approval Times For CDC?

A granny flat may be approved in about 2 weeks under CDC, if it meets the complying
development provisions.

So, How Can I Get My Granny Flat Approved?

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Granny Flat Approvals
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