Need Assistance With Your Council Approval For Your Building
Works or Property Development Application?

Every week we assist our clients to get planning approval for their property
improvement, as smoothly and quickly as possible to save you money and time!

So, if you are too busy to manage all the paperwork, deal with council and other
regulatory bodies or you just need help to prepare the plans, reports, Basix
Certificates and other documents

Real Estate Strategist specialise in council approval, certifier and planning services.  
We help our clients through the entire Council Approval process saving you time,
money and the need to deal with local government red tape.

Our emphasis is on providing quality, professional support, so whether you are a
home owner who wants to maximise the lifestyle property investor or developer
needing assistance with council submission, reports, surveys and documentation to
achieve the best planning outcome, we can assist you to achieve your goals.
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Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings, Granny Flats & Swimming Pools
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Whether you're a home owner, a licensed builder or property investor seeking to develop for increased return on investment, we can help
streamline the council approval process. Please
email us to organise a time for a chat.
Council Approvals & Private Certifiers For Planning Approvals & Illegal Granny Flats
Council Approvals... From Planning Concept To Development Consent!
Real Estate Strategist Council Approval Consultants
We specialise in council approval and certifier services
to get your building consent faster,
more affordably & without the worry and frustration
of dealing with government red tape!

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