Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings, Granny Flats & Swimming Pools
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Whether you're a home owner, a licensed builder or property investor seeking to develop
for increased return on investment, we can help streamline the council approval process.
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Council Approval Service

Real Estate Strategist Planning Consultancy specialises in planning, urban design and
project management of metro and regional projects. We work hard to ensure your property
development outcomes and projects are delivered in a timely manner. Preparing proposals
for the delivery of high quality planning projects, we liaise, on behalf of our clients, with
government agencies, sub-consultants and contractors to prepare detailed land use
reports, surveys, architectural and engineering drawings and council submissions.

We use our experience, analytical skills and knowledge of NSW local planning schemes to
ensure your development project proceeds as smoothly and speedily as possible. This
means less cost, time and confusion for you so your project can be completed as smoothly,
efficiently and easily as possible.

Getting applications through Council and other Consent Authorities can be challenging,
costly and time consuming. The team at Real Estate Strategist has the knowledge and
skills in working with Local Councils across NSW to understand the necessary
documentation required to lodge and project manage your development application
process through Council or CDC.

RES and our team of consultants will produce the plans, reports, surveys and documents
that council needs to ensure your submission meets council and building code standards.
RES will work with you to ensure your project is correctly documented to assist you with the
approval process. RES will work on your behalf with the necessary council authorities at
every stage of the building approval process.

Having the RES professionals obtain your council approvals for you means you have
peace of mind that the correct approvals you need are obtained for your building work to
commence on time within budget.

We also can help you get council approval for unapproved or illegal building work already
carried out, as well as obtain the necessary surveys, plans and submission documents.

We liaise with owners, developers, contractors, builders, town planners with respect to
current or projected land use inconsistencies within the planning scheme and provide
direction for future compliance under the provisions outlined in the local planning scheme
and the Sustainable Planning Act.
Certifier and Council Approvals Service & Town Planning
Real Estate Strategist Council Approval Consultants
We specialise in council approval and certifier services
to get your building consent faster,
more affordably & without the worry and frustration
of dealing with government red tape!
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