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We get the planning approval you need to get your project done! We complete the
entire planning approvals process for you, efficiently and speedily.

We keep you informed throughout the whole process to save you money, stress and

Focused on providing a professional, cost-effective and friendly approvals service,
we do the complete Council Approval process efficiently and smoothly with minimum

This means less cost and reduced anxiety for you so you can enjoy your new home,
swimming pool, granny flat or building project without the worry.

Our emphasis is on providing a quality, personalised service at a very reasonable
price. We can keep our costs low as we only specialise in council and private
certifier services, Basix, reports, council permits and plans. Being a small, highly
focused team means we can keep our overheads low to save you money and time.

Our team is dedicated to getting council approval for your planning project.
We work hard to achieve results for you with building approvals for:

 Granny Flats & Secondary Dwellings              
 Dual Occupancy
 Swimming Pools & Spas
 Home Alterations & Extensions
 Pool Fence Inspections
 Retaining Walls
 Decks, Pergolas & Conservatories
 Rural & Industrial Sheds
 Unapproved & Illegal Building Works
 Demolition Works
 New Homes
 Change of Use, Retail & Commercial
Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings & Swimming Pools
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Whether you're a home owner, a licensed builder or property investor seeking to develop for increased return on investment, we can help
streamline the council approval process. Please
email us to organise a time for a chat.
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Council Building Approvals and Private Certifier Services
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