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RES Council Approvals is a family business specialising for over 30 years in
architectural design and urban planning. Our strong understanding of planning and
construction principles means that we focus on getting your council approvals, speedily
and efficiently, to save you stress, time and money!

Our approach to seeking council approval for your project is a collaborative, no fuss
solution to ensure minimum disruption for your building or property development. This
keeps your costs down.

We co-ordinate all consultants and technical specialists which means we streamline the
complex demands of property development, budgets and design aesthetics to produce
projects for profitable, functional and desirable urban environments.

We contribute to the council approval and town planning profession, forging close links
with regulatory authorities, training and planning organisations, state-wide.

We attend planning conferences, to give you unparalleled access to the best and most
up to date information for planning regulations. This ensures affordable approval
solutions for your property improvement project.

Six Top Reasons To Choose Real Estate Strategist For
Your Property Approvals
We offer you a professional council liaison service dedicated to providing client-focused
property development and building approvals solutions across urban, rural and
regional centres.

Our Industry Experience
RES is recognised for our expertise in the Council approval process. This means that
when you choose to work with us, you will benefit from the knowledge and commitment
of our team. This has been forged through our close ties with regulatory authorities,
industry professionals and building consultants.

Our specialist council approval capabilities include, swimming pools, spas, new homes,
building extensions, secondary dwellings, landscaping, decks and pergolas. We also
negotiate planning approvals for greenfield, brownfield and in-fill property

Our understanding of statutory planning principals means we can better help manage
your development application, complying development certification or construction
approval to assist meet time-lines and budget constraints.

We Offer Competitive Pricing
At Real Estate Strategist, our qualified Complying Development Consultants have been
involved in the planning, development and property industry for over 3 decades. An
established council approvals company, our experience ensures your project proceeds
smoothly saving you the worry and cost of trying to do it yourself.

Having us on your property team means you can maximise the value of your property
with complete peace of mind. Our affordable pricing means that the cost benefits are
passed directly onto you.

We Do All The Work For You
We can manage the entire council approval process for you. We save you the time,
cost and effort needed to obtain the information necessary for your building and
property development approval. From architectural drafting services, structural
adequacy reports, surveys, BASIX, heritage reports to flood water and building reports,
Real Estate Strategist do it all.

We Find The Solutions
At RES Planning Approvals, we work closely with a wide range of property experts to
ensure you have the right support for your project. Our independent advice and
experience means that your project can proceed smoothly to ensure council approval in
the fastest and most efficient way.

We Have The Team You Need
The complexity of dealing with councils and other regulatory authorities means it can be
hard to know where to get the answers you need. RES and our team of expert town and
urban planning consultants help you get all the necessary documents, plans, reports
and surveys needed to gain development consent for your project to keep your budget
under control.

Fantastic Customer Service
Real Estate Strategist takes pride in offering our clients exceptional customer service.
We keep you fully informed about the progress of your building approval. We give you
regular updates and attend to any questions to ensure your project stays on track.
Council Approvals For Secondary Dwellings, Granny Flats & Swimming Pools, Town & Urban Planning
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